Attach great importance to the localisation of high-end medical devices

2019-09-03 17:38

The proposal submitted by the former vice president of the Medical Association is to "comprehensively promote the improvement, innovation and development of medical devices in China". The proposal puts forward several suggestions on basic research of medical devices, construction of standard systems, effective combination of production and demand, and encouragement of the development of domestic medical devices.

By the end of 2015, there were more than 14,000 medical device manufacturers in China, of which nearly 90% had a production scale of less than 20 million yuan, only over 300 had a production scale of over 100million yuan, and there were more than 2,600 enterprises capable of producing higher-end products.

Relevant departments have strengthened the top-level design, built a communication platform for production and demand, promoted the interactive communication of production, learning, research, and medical treatment and scientific and technological research, so that a batch of core equipment and key components can be localized, and the market share of some domestic medical devices has been effectively increased. At the same time, strengthen the basic and important engineering technology research of the industry, and strengthen the industrial application engineering technology research and service capacity building such as special manufacturing equipment, testing equipment, process technology, reliability research, and stability research required for the mass production of medical devices.