Caring Medical is headquartered in Nanjing. The company has an advanced R&D centre, a standardised and safe production line, complete sales channels, and a caring after-sales team. It has gained a reputation and recognition in the industry. Since its establishment, Caring has always adhered to the corporate belief of only doing things that are beneficial to society, and has always taken health care as its responsibility, and is committed to the research and development of medical display products. It is a high-tech enterprise that takes medical display terminals as the core and provides overall solutions for medical imaging. Caring provides medical imaging products for the global market. Our products are widely used in surgical monitors, digital operating room overall solutions, and medical diagnostic imaging equipment display system overall solutions. We pay attention to personnel training and independent innovation. R&D personnel account for more than 40% of the employees. This is a passionate, thoughtful, and practical R&D team. The team has an independent R&D process and a complete personnel organisation. Caring's responsibility is to help the world improve medical conditions. In the future, we will take a further approach to medical-related businesses, promote the research and development of new products with technology, and produce medical-related products for the benefit of the world.
Industry and Professional Experience
Hospital Partnership and Cooperation
Production Factory
Scientific Research, Product and Technology
Integrated Operating Room Solution
Provide LCD, OLED radiology displays, medical monitors, overall solutions for operating rooms, and overall solutions for medical digital visualisation for hospital terminals, provide timely maintenance and maintenance services, delay physicians' fatigue in film reading, and improve the overall medical service level of the hospital.
Build Medical Device Specialisation
With a wide-coverage business network and a dedicated marketing team, we cooperate with domestic and foreign distributors and hospitals with an open attitude. In addition to supplying medical displays for our own brand Caring, we also provide traditional OEM, ODM, and OBM services. Market development, expansion, maintenance and management.